Volunteer at Orphanages

The devastating effects of HIV/AIDS and other illnesses such as TB has left a large number of vulnerable and orphaned children in Tanzania. We partners with several orphanages within Arusha to bring international volunteers to support these vulnerable children. Volunteers play sports and games with the children, teach the Basic English, arts and crafts, and assist with the overall care of the children.

Medical Internship at a Hospital

If you are looking for valuable hands-on medical experience, a medical internship is great opportunity. Our Internship program presents benefits beyond just professional development; it offers the opportunity to be completely immersed in the local culture and work environment. By learning directly from local experts within your field, our internships allow an in-depth understanding of issues affecting your chosen profession in Tanzania. You will spend the majority of your time as an assistant to the main Doctor or a Bio-medical Scientist. Work responsibilities vary based upon your education, skills and experience

HIV/AIDS Education and Counseling

As in many other African countries, there is a severe and widespread HIV/AIDS epidemic in Tanzania. HIV/AIDS is a serious challenge and if left uncontrolled, complications will continue to arise. Many hospitals, clinics and local NGO’s facilitate HIV/AIDS testing, counseling and awareness campaigns. Collaboration with local groups and organizations helps foster awareness amongst local communities, help prevent infection and loss of life, and improve the lives of those already infected. As a volunteer at a Tanzanian HIV/AIDS project you can support the ongoing efforts to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and help to provide the manpower needed to comfort HIV/AIDS patients.

Working with Street Children

Help create awareness of the plight of street children, advocate for their rights, and reduce the number of children at risk. Offer your support to help train vulnerable children with vocational and life skills, play sports, create art, and be a source of companionship.

Women’s Development

We work with local women’s groups who have come together to support and empower each other. These groups of women are often widowed due to HIV/AIDS virus, HIV positive themselves, or looking after the children of deceased relatives. Without education and guidance, these women end up serving their husbands or struggling to provide as a single parent. Volunteers in this project are needed to provide education, help prepare proposals for microfinance projects to assist women in becoming self sufficient, and also support local orphans not necessarily in the form of money but helping them with access to free education, and raising awareness of important health issues.

Teach at Local School

Volunteers on the teaching project work in government schools or orphanage schools, English-medium schools, where the presence of volunteers is beneficial in opening the minds and broadening the horizons of the students, along with exposing them to native spoken English. Children in Tanzania love to attend school, often starting as young as 3 years old, and wherever possible, children hope to stay in school until at least 14 years old, as education is highly valued in Tanzanian society. Teaching volunteers work by themselves or alongside local teachers and other volunteers, teaching subjects such as, English, Math, Science, Social Studies (Geography and History), Art and Physical Education. Volunteers assist the local teachers with daily lessons, providing one-on-one attention to the students.